Specialized Programming and Design Process

Architectural design is not a superficial matter.

Its process is meant to provide a venue of tranquility in which the experiencing of our deepest, most meaningful understandings may be recognized, defined, expressed, and given physical, symbolic form.

Over the past 40 years, Vision in Form Architecture has developed a nationally-recognized participatory and interdisciplinary programming and design process that assists you as an owner to:  

  • identify sustainable ways of being;
  • become conduits of the vast energy and data that lie within you, not just on the conscious level but also below the level of current insight;
  • promote mutual reinvention in order to address the effects of climate disruption and diminishing physical resources;
  • articulate sustainable forms of action;
  • create architecture that supports both sustainable ways of being and sustainable forms of action;
  • obtain the architecture you need, architecture that moves you and is rich in identity, spirit of place and sustainability.