Our History

Vision In Form Architecture (previously Michael Boreskie Architect Inc.) offers more than 30 years of programming, planning, design and construction review experience. We have assisted owners from Grand Falls, Newfoundland, to Prince Rupert, British Columbia, to Dodge City, Kansas.

In the course of assisting our clients we have developed:

  • a nationally recognized, programming and design methodology that enables our clients to define not only their quantitative needs but also the qualitative implications of their mission, values, vision of the future and desired ethos for the project;
  • a high level of expertise in the use of state-of-the-art Building Information Modelling (BIM) software. Currently, we are in our seventh year using BIM on all of our projects;
  • expertise in leveraging data from BIM models to evaluate the energy consumption/energy conservation of different design strategies, and the annual energy supply costs and carbon footprint for proposed buildings.